Kawasaki Z750

Kawasaki Z750 претставува комбинација од мотор произведен за сериозно улично возење со нов агресивен стајлинг. Специјално направен за возење со врвни перформанси, како претставник на модерен street-fighter, Кавасаки склопи брак помеѓу перформасите на моторот и на шасијата...

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Perfectly balanced
The development aim for the New “Z” Series was “True Street Performance.” And while both the new Kawasaki Z750 and new Z1000 share this quality, their approaches are radically different. “Perfect balance” is the term which best describes the new Kawasaki Z750, delivering crisp, quick-revving power and sharp handling with superb rider feedback. Its avant-garde styling perfectly expresses the performance of this sharp-edged street tool, the only 750cc super naked in its class.

Razor sharp handling
A slim and compact chassis gives the Kawasaki Z750 superb manoeuvrability and precise handling in a wide range of riding situations. Chassis highlights include a new 41 mm upside down fork, tuned to cope with demanding sports riding whilst improving ride quality and feel.

Superb feedback
The stiffness of the Kawasaki Z750 Chassis has been optimised to give positive feedback across the entire speed range. In addition, an improved relationship between the seat, handlebars and footpeg positions further enhances feedback between rider and machine.

Sensual Power
Complementing the Kawasaki Z750 ’s new chassis is a re-tuned power unit. The liquid-cooled, 748cc, 16-valve, In-line Four has more instant urge and overtaking power — just what’s needed to excel in today’s urban riding environment. Changes result in a wider mid-range torque curve whilst retaining the high-rpm exhilaration of the previous model. The up rated power characteristics of the Kawasaki Z750 are accentuated by a unique new silencer and twin-outlet end-cap emitting a sensual 4-cylinder exhaust note that is pure Kawasaki, while relocated engine mounts behind the cylinder greatly reduce engine vibration transmitted to the rider that may have been experienced in the previous model.

Offering just the right amount of power in a responsive and sharp-looking package, the new Kawasaki Z750 for 2007 just may be the best balanced machine of the new model year.

Metallic Green, Black and Silver are the colours for the 2007 Kawasaki Z750.

Kawasaki Z750 Images

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Kawasaki Z750 2007 Specifications are to follow

Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke In-Line Four
748 cm3
Bore and Stroke

Compression ratio

Valve system
DOHC, 16 valves
Fuel system
Fuel injection:
Forced lubrication, wet sump
6-speed, return
Final drive
Sealed chain
Wet multi-disc, manual
Diamond, high-tensile steel with additional engine cradle bars
Wheel travel:
120 mm / 126 mm
Tyre: front
Steering angle (left / right)

Front: Type
New 41 mm Upside down telescopic fork
Rear: Type
Bottom-Link Uni-Trak
Rebound damping
Spring preload
Type Dual semi-floating 300 mm discs
Caliper Dual twin-piston
Type Single 220 mm disc
Caliper Single-piston
Fuel capacity

Maximum power

Maximum torque

Weight - Dry

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